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"Re-newed" Member - Austin, TX on: November 15, 2017, 12:02:49 AM
Hi all- I just returned to TX after a 15-year hiatus and am glad to see this forum's up. Long ago in a galaxy far away, I was tangentially part of the original gang of what I gather has evolved into the now tremendous Magna Owners of Texas (fka SMOT), a group that had branched from the SABMAG's (aka 'maggots)... Any of those guys still here? Mike Guillory? Hillard? Who else?

Of course it's been forever. Back in mid-2002 I rode away from my beloved Lone Star State in the greatest '83 750cc oil-modded Sabre there was, and then spent wayyy too long up nawth. The process of winterization, storage, only being able to ride a certain percentage of the year, etc. got to be a drag for me as a garageless, NYC renter. I didn't think it would happen, but I did in fact stop riding for quite a while.

So the first order of business is: I need a bike! And soon. Although I'd been spoiled by the features of the early 80's dream machine, I don't think I'm quite mechanically-inclined enough for the upkeep of an antique. I'm in kind of a Viffer mood these days. I also saw an amazing, low-mileage Yamahammer F6 on the way home today... I checked the "for sale" area of this forum but most of the posts are older, plus I need something <1000cc's. If anyone is selling something reliable or knows of such a bike needing a taker, by all means let me know. And I hope no one minds my showing up to a ride if what I have isn't necessarily a Magna. Peace and it's great to be back home!
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Welcome back from an Outlier
Hoot from Florida..

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Welcome back. Hope you find something that will work for you.
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Welcome back Naomi and about any bike you want is out there.

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I know a MOOT member who may be selling a third generation Magna in January. I'm sure he'll post it here when the time is right.
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