Author Topic: Super Magna Parts for Sale - RR - Owner's/Shop Manuals - Toolkit/Box - Backrest  (Read 96 times)

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I have the following items for sale. I was keeping them in hopes that I would one day own another 88 Super, but that seems unlikely. Anyhow, here is what I have:

NEW aftermarket RR, specific to the Super, cost $100, sell for $50 shipping included, lower 48, no international sales, please don't ask.

A REAL 1988 Owner's manual in excellent condition. This is NOT an 87 manual, it has the extra pages, etc. $50 delivered.

A REAL 1988 Shop Manual, in VERY GOOD condition, again, NOT an 87, the real deal. $50 delivered.

Toolbox and tool kit. The tool kit is MORE than complete OEM, but is 100% complete with some extra tools. I'd like to sell them both together, but I suppose I can separate if needed. $120 delivered for both.

Mirrors, left and right. VERY GOOD condition. $40 delivered for the pair.

KG sliding backrest with extra-LONG legs, works for passenger OR rider, comes with the SUPER hard to find adjustable mounting brackets. These I have drilled out slightly to match the existing bolt pattern for the Super's OEM backrest mount. So you will need the OEM backrest brackets already installed to use this. If you have never ridden on a long road trip WITH a backrest you are in for a treat. I took a 2500 mile trip using this setup and it was awesome and comfortable. The KG brackets are "unobtanium" and I have been offered $100 for these alone. I'd sell this setup for $200 delivered.

I can post up pictures of everything if needed, or can PM them to you.

If someone wants to make an offer for all, feel free, or if you want just a couple of items let's talk.