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1986 V65 Magna clutch fluid leak(Read 329 times)
1986 V65 Magna clutch fluid leak on: July 02, 2018, 06:31:04 PM
Hi all ... my first post.  In March I bought an 86 V65 Magna with 18k original miles, original paint, original chrome, a bike in very good appearance condition.  rode it a couple of times on less than 10 mile runs when I realized there were serious brake issues.  so I started working on it.  It runs well ; a little carb spitting but some Seafoam should help that.  a couple days ago I squeezed the clutch ... no fluid.  no puddle under the bike either.  My question ... after studying the shop manual and reading a few posts ... can the slave cylinder leak its fluid past the pushrod seal into the crankcase ?  I am currently rebuilding all the brakes ... then I'll tackle the clutch problem.  Any advice from those with experience is appreciated.