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The Garage / Re: Motor oil
« Last post by BA on Today at 01:01:37 AM »
Rotella T6 in all 3 Magna's, the Wing, and the wife's VTX.  Not one issue.
The Garage / Re: Motor oil
« Last post by LIMagna on December 10, 2018, 08:12:03 AM »
I've been running Rotella T6 pretty much since I got my Magna (10 years ago this coming Summer).  Not a single issue with it.  I don't really put many miles on my Magna since I got my RT but still change the oil once a year with T6.  Comes out looking almost like it did when it went in but it's cheap enough at Walmart that it's just not a significant factor in choosing a different oil.   
Marketplace / Re: Magna for sale
« Last post by MagnaMikeD on December 07, 2018, 06:32:16 PM »
How many miles on the Magna Mike?
227,401 She gets the occasional ride to work and the shorter rides around town now.
The Garage / Re: LED Headlight
« Last post by TLRam1 on December 05, 2018, 02:19:39 AM »
Another great Reference by Terry..

Checks in the mail!  :-P
Marketplace / Re: Magna for sale
« Last post by TLRam1 on December 05, 2018, 02:10:18 AM »
How many miles on the Magna Mike?
Site Announcements / Re: 2018 Updates
« Last post by MagnaMikeD on December 04, 2018, 10:14:28 PM »
Forum looks really great!
Hey Terry,
4 months from being fully recovered from my 2nd hip replacement and doing great.  Planning to pick up the 2014 on Saturday 7/14, narrowed it down to 2 at this point.  Looking forward to riding with ya'll again.
Good to hear from you Marty!
I graduated to a 2015 Kawasaki Concours 1400. Man I love it as my daily commuter now. I still have the Magna, and it still runs good.
The Garage / Re: Motor oil
« Last post by MagnaMikeD on December 04, 2018, 09:29:36 PM »
My clutch parts are in and I am curious about the oil you guys prefer.
I have a Suzuki 650 Savage that I have been using Rotella t6 in. Not sure it would be the best choice in a Magna though.
What do you like, and why?
Hi bobbalee,
I bought my 1999 Magna new from the dealer in 2001. I bought the bike for a commuter bike. After much research I decided to stop buying the Honda Pro Oils, and at 23K miles I began using plain old Castrol 10W-40 in the winter and
20W-50 in the summer. I changed the oil and filter every 4K miles until 65K and then started changing oil and filter every 3K. I have always used the stock Honda oil filter. This regimen has been very good to me as now after 17 years I have 227K miles on the bike. It's no longer my main commuter bike, but it still runs good and does not burn or consume oil. I never have had issues with clutch slippage. About 90% of the mileage is highway miles.
Having stated the above, man if you choose a decent oil and stick with a schedule it's really hard to go wrong with the Magna.
The Garage / Re: LED Headlight
« Last post by hootmon on December 04, 2018, 04:45:01 AM »
Another great Reference by Terry..
The Garage / Re: Motor oil
« Last post by hootmon on December 04, 2018, 04:41:05 AM »
I have run many oils in my Magnas..
Amsoil, Valvoline M/C oil, Rotella T6..
I've been running T6 for a while with no issues (5 years plus)...
The real questions are.. How many miles do you ride in a year and how often do you change your oil?
I change my oil once a year.. I have been putting between 5-8K per year on my bike (when I had only one).
The handbook calls for oil changes at 7500 miles.. (that is considering dino conventional oil)
Here is MY rules.. IF you put on more than 6000 miles/year, it's probably worth going synthetic (T6)
IF you do between 3.5-6K miles per year, then you could go Semi-Synthetic (T5).
If you put below 3500 miles per year, then you could just run conventional..
I know I get to ride 8-10 months per year (a lot of rainy days during the summer)
Number of miles is NOT the only considerations.. You have protection of internal parts, and other considerations.
IF the bike sat a lot, I would consider a true M/C oil, which MAY have more anti corrosive / rust properties. I know Amsoil is great for this..
So.. , as with all oil threads on M/C sites, In the end.. It's more a matter of choice, preference, comfort level than any other factor.. I know people that use Synthetic, change there oil every 3K miles, or 6 months.. They have the $$$, but I'm not sure what EXTRA benefits they are getting besides their own piece of mind...

BTW - I use Purolator PureOne PL14610 oil filters.. In a test that was run several several years ago, it had great filter media and reasonably priced. I recently heard that someone didn't like this oil filter because of the "burst" rating. I do not ride my Magna easy and have never had an issue with this filter.
The Purolator PureOne PL14610 is a slightly longer than stock oil filter (a bit more oil for cooling and slightly reduced recycle period for the oil.. IF you want a stock sized oil filter you can use the Purolator PureOne PL14612 oil filter.
I do take the time to paint mine silver with BBQ paint.. Nether the color nor the heat rating is probably necessary, but I like the comfort it gives me.  :lol:
I hope some of this helps

BTW, I run T6 in everything I've got.. 2 Magnas, 2 Victories, Honda CR-v, Hyundai Sante Fe V6, Lawn Mower..
I haven't had an issue in any of them.
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