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The Garage / Re: V65 bobber
« Last post by v4intn on August 07, 2018, 02:41:04 AM »
Sorry about that, I wasnt clear at all. Is much rather have one stock, or close. Structurally stock at least. And I'm a horribly cheap bastard so you answered my question anyway. TY. I mean I'm all for a well done full custom, but not to a v65, aside from a couple bolt ons like maybe hard bags and a seat (simple things) there's not much of want to do to one anyway
The Garage / Re: V65 bobber
« Last post by TLRam1 on August 03, 2018, 10:45:31 PM »
Hard to give information on the limited description you posted.

1. What is the end result you want to accomplish?

2. Depending on the price and what you want to do, may be best to find another bike.

If it were me and I want a V65 in mostly original shape to ride, if I was given this bike I would not take it other than for parts. A lot of money can be spent quickly and time spent to bring this up to shape, than again I don't know your situation.
The Garage / V65 bobber
« Last post by v4intn on August 03, 2018, 07:05:14 PM »
So I've found a pretty good deal on a V65 I'm thinking about. The bad thing is some bobbed it out and like most bobbers that are priced reasonable there's "questionable" work done. Ok instead of being polite ill be accurate. I'm not sure I'd trust this hack job to get me home safely to fix it. I'm talking bad... Steel struts welded to the shock mounts to hard tail it, frame doesn't even look like it was cut straight behind the saddle much less braced to maintain the strength just for the short list. Anyone know how hard it is to find a good frame and body work for the tail to get it back half ads right or would I be better off with a full aftermarket frame which kinda kills the point of a v65?
Great to hear and look forward seeing you again!
Hey Terry,
4 months from being fully recovered from my 2nd hip replacement and doing great.  Planning to pick up the 2014 on Saturday 7/14, narrowed it down to 2 at this point.  Looking forward to riding with ya'll again.
Haven't heard from you in a while, how are you doing?

Do you already have your Valkyrie? 
The Garage / 1986 V65 Magna clutch fluid leak
« Last post by Huggybear56 on July 02, 2018, 06:31:04 PM »
Hi all ... my first post.  In March I bought an 86 V65 Magna with 18k original miles, original paint, original chrome, a bike in very good appearance condition.  rode it a couple of times on less than 10 mile runs when I realized there were serious brake issues.  so I started working on it.  It runs well ; a little carb spitting but some Seafoam should help that.  a couple days ago I squeezed the clutch ... no fluid.  no puddle under the bike either.  My question ... after studying the shop manual and reading a few posts ... can the slave cylinder leak its fluid past the pushrod seal into the crankcase ?  I am currently rebuilding all the brakes ... then I'll tackle the clutch problem.  Any advice from those with experience is appreciated. 
7/15 Update - the parts bike is sold, along with the spare tire and jacket, so only the nicer bike and hydraulic lift remain. $2900 
7/11 Update – Picking up the Valkyrie on Saturday, so....     
Price for both bikes reduced to $3250 (see terms below), or I’ll sell the ’98 parts bike for $500 (I have two interested parties) and the rest for $3000.  I sold the jacket yesterday.
Magna enthusiast special - 2 Magnas (‘98 is a parts bike) and more, Clean titles on both, Custom fitted hydraulic lift and 2 portable manual lifts, new (2015?) Shinko 777 front tire ready to mount when it comes time, Owner’s manual and other reference material.
Tourmaster Intake 3.0  Hi-Vis mesh jacket with winter liner and rain liner, size XXL
**No delivery, you pick it all up near DFW airport. $3950 - $500 discount to anyone who was a MOOT or DRNT member on July 1st, 2018.  I’m moving up to a 2014 Valkyrie.

‘95 runs stronger than new – 56,000 miles, 2-tone Custom Deluxe paint Black with Mint green
•   Performance
o   Cobra high performance exhaust and corresponding Dynojet carb kit and carb overhaul and brake flush at 53,350
o   Pingle high flow fuel petcock and replaced auto-petcock diaphragm
o   K&N Air filter
o   New Barnett Kevlar performance clutch at 42,300  miles
o   Progressive fork springs, forks overhauled, polished and replaced seals at 50,150  miles
o   Larger Shinko 777 tires (170/80-15,  120/90-17) 
o   replaced front (17 tooth) and rear sprockets and cleaned rear brakes

•   Style and comfort
o   Custom (VF750CD) paint, Unique horseshoe kickstand
o   4” fork extension (adjusts easily to stock position), longer brakeline and speedometer cable
o   Polished wheels
o   Leatherlyke saddle bags are Lockable, watertight, quick disconnect, 2 years old
o   Cycle-istic brakestay, 3” handlebar risers and passenger peg extenders
o   Cycle-istic Luggage rack and V4 trim
o   Quick disconnect Memphis Shades windscreen
o   Engine guards, Highway pegs with 9 position extenders
o   Custom Mustang seat and AIR HAWK2  SEAT COVER

•   Safety
o   Wolo Big Bad Max Model 619 air horn works along with stock horn
o   High Intensity Headlight
o   flashing tail light socket/bulb,
•   Starter replaced at 17,800

’98 Parts Bike – black, complete engine with 30,000 miles ran 2 years ago, wheels, tires, black fuel tank, new chain stock seat, fenders, crashbar, stock pipes with drilled baffles and scratches on right side, starter, speedometer and more.
Marketplace / Re: Two '96 Magnas For Sale
« Last post by hootmon on June 23, 2018, 12:46:02 AM »
Sold the blue bike yesterday for asking price. 

 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Marketplace / Re: Two '96 Magnas For Sale
« Last post by TLRam1 on June 22, 2018, 10:51:05 PM »
Good deal Lawrence, hoping you can move the red one soon.
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