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The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by hootmon on Yesterday at 11:05:34 PM »
Cushion isolaters (Yeah, we will go with that name).. Was my thought too by the description..
I wouldn't worry about the upside down adjustment plate, I've had mine upside down before, I don't think it really makes a difference.
Nobody is thinking timing chain.. I know usually the adjuster spring breaks and things get loud in the motor, but any chance it is just not pushing quite hard enough causing some slap making the ticking sound.???
Anybody close to bobbalee to take a listen and maybe a test ride??? He is in Kaufman County, isn't Greg near there???
The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by bobbalee on Yesterday at 10:18:47 PM »
When I bought it the rear tire needed replacement. I would think the shop guys would notice any problems like that. But I will check those things. Thanks.
The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by TLRam1 on Yesterday at 04:42:58 PM »
Did you check your sprockets for broken teeth?

This is a good one, don't know why I didn't think of that, mine HAD this same issue not long ago. The culprit was the counter-shaft sprocket but it did not do it when letting off the gas. Mine was jumping the teeth on the sprocket.

Wonder if your cushions/isolators are crumbling in your rear wheel, bearing issue? Rear suspension axle? That would make your swing arm twitch a bit when you take of with more torque in lower gears, I think you would feel it more than you are talking about. I had a swing arm axle snap on me, the whole back end is loose, if you kick the tire it moves everything. Is the motor buttoned up tight to the frame, broken welds?   

The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by bobbalee on Yesterday at 11:16:48 AM »

 Rear sprocket has no broken teeth.
No ticking
No noise with tire raised in or out of gear
When I had it jacked up I checked the chain tension and looked for any links that looked abnormal, lubed the chain a little since it was handy.
Since I turned the wheel by hand I thought I could have felt missing teeth if there were any.
Questions mean you are trying to help which I appreciate.
 The only time it happens is in gear when I let off the gas and then give it gas. It's like some slack gets taken up like several missing teeth but that would be pretty obvious I think.
The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by hootmon on Yesterday at 07:32:35 AM »
Did you check your sprockets for broken teeth?
Ticking sound??? Is it ONLY when you are rolling, or can you hear it when idling.. Clutch in, Clutch out in Neutral?
Rear wheel raised and rotating the rear tire, any odd noise?
Chain is adjusted, but are there tight spots in the chain?
Sorry for all the questions, but trying to narrow this down..
The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by bobbalee on Yesterday at 02:12:08 AM »
 I checked the chain, and it looks to be in good shape, and the slack is good. The clutch doesn't slip. I get 75 mph at 5k rpm, and it will try to jump out from under me if I pop the clutch. (I'm not in the habit of doing that)
 I did notice when looking at  the chain adjustment bolts that the plates the bolts go through are marked "up", but the word "up" is on the bottom on both of them. I coudn't see that causing any trouble, it just seemed odd on a bike that appears to be well cared for.
 As to slack, I call it that because it makes a noise that sounds and feels like a slippage akin to a bicycle when you are coasting and start pedaling again. The noise is hard to hear due to the exhaust noise, but is more pronounced on the right side.
 As stated the bike seems well cared for, the oil is new, the chain lubed etc.
 It doesn't do it in 3rd gear, I have tried to cause it to.
 It is perplexing but I don't think it will leave me walking. I just like things to work as they should.
 I've put about 600 miles on it and really like it.
The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by TLRam1 on October 15, 2018, 11:56:56 PM »
Jerry mentioned chain to check, also is your clutch slipping?
The Garage / Re: 2002 vf750c
« Last post by Jerry G Turner on October 15, 2018, 11:23:08 PM »
Not sure if I understand the slack meaning, but take a look at the chain and make sure it is adjusted correctly with 40,000 miles it might need to be replaced.
The Garage / 2002 vf750c
« Last post by bobbalee on October 15, 2018, 10:24:43 PM »

 Hello all, new member here. I just got a magna v4. It has 40k miles. I hope you experienced
 owners can answer some questions for me.
 When starting out on a ride all seems well, but after getting warmed up it seems to have some slack in the drive train in 1st and 2nd gears. Most noticeable when I let off the gas then give it gas and it seems like some slack has to be taken up before it responds. There is a sort of clunk when it grabs. Any ideas anyone?
The Garage / Re: Blackie got a NEW (to me) seat!
« Last post by hootmon on September 13, 2018, 07:56:21 AM »
last seat Travelcade.. It's like a Gunfighter but more uncomfortable.. Softer foam, but very high in the middle..
I knew going in that the Saddleman was a Gel seat and would be harder than I desire, and it is.. It's more comfortable when warm than cold.
I also know you need to be careful of leaving out in the sun (that never happens in Florida).. The Gel will absorb the heat, then radiate it into your butt for an extended period of time (works the same for cold)..

The Hurricane should bring us dryer air for a couple of days (YEA!)
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