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Dave Dodge

Product & Contact Information


Dodge Racing Products
attn: Dave Dodge
Fort Mohave, AZ  86426
Tel:  (928) 387-1206

Business Hours: We are available to take your orders and answer your questions Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm p.s.t.

We Accept Credit Card Orders By Phone, and accept PayPal using above e-mail

Honda VF1000 F/R Performance Products and Services


DRP Adapter Style Top-End Oil Mod Kit $269.00

- Bolts on between the oil filter and case.

- Feed filtered oil to the heads at twice the pressure and volume vs. stock.

- Lower-end oil pressure is also increased by 3-5 psi at idle.

DRP Drill/Tap Style Oil Mod Kit $149.00

- NOT A BOLT-ON, requires drilling and tapping the crankcase.

Braided S.S. Front Brake Hose Kit $ 99.00

- Clear-coated hose, standard length, 3-hose kit.

- Hoses bolt-on just like stock using stock banjo bolts.

- custom lengths available by special order.

Braided S.S. Rear Brake Hose Kit $ 39.00

- Clear-coated hose, standard length.

- Hoses bolt-on just like stock using stock banjo bolts.

Braided S.S. Clutch Hose Kit $ 49.00

- clear-coated in standard length, custom lengths available for $55.00.

- One piece hose from the master cylinder to the clutch slave.

DRP Kevlar Performance Clutch Kit $175.00

- Complete plate kit for performance street riding and/or racing.


DRP Stage 1 Camshaft Set $599.00 (F) $649.00 (R) Cores Required

- Drop-in cam, hardwelded and ground with a better lobe shape to replace worn stock cams.

- Cam has .010" more lift, and 3° more duration than stock

DRP Stage 2 Camshaft Set $599.00 (F) $649.00 (R) Cores Required

- Performance upgrade with .020" more lift and 12° more duration.

- Cams must be degreed into the engine.

- Can be used with stock pistons and valve springs.

DRP Stage 3 Camshaft Set $599.00 (F) $649.00 (R) Cores Required

- Racing cam with .040" more lift and 12° more duration.

- Cams must be degreed into the engine.

- Must use racing valve springs listed below.

- The is the biggest cam for use with stock pistons.

DRP Hardwelded Rocker Arms $ 70.00 each, exchange

- Strongly recommeded for use with all DRP cams

DRP Adjustable Cam Sprockets $ 75.00 (VF1000F)

- Used to degree-in Stage 2 and 3 cams.

DRP Racing Valve Spring Set $149.00

- Required for Stage 3 and higher lift cams.

- Uses stock retainers and base washers

DRP Bronze Valve Guide Set $220.00

- Required for Stage 3 and higher lift cams

- Made of nickle bronze

- Shorter than stock to install shorter on the spring side.

LABOR SERVICES (parts extra)

Carb Rebuilding and Cleaning $250.00

- Thoroughly disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt.

- Rebuild parts are additional.

Transmission Undercutting $390.00

- Reverse angle dog machining to improve gear engagement.

- This is a repair as well as a performance upgrade.

Competition Valve Job $380.00

- Blend and cut valve seats.

- Face valves

- Surface heads

- Thoroughly clean and assemble.

Cylinder Head Porting from $300.00

- Numerous stages from mild to wild.

Top Case Cylinder Boring and Honing $275.00

- Precision boring with Rottler boring equipment, fixtured.

- Precision honing with Rottler stroke hone, fixtured.

We also offer complete machine shop services including bore and honing, head porting, valve work, transmission undercutting, and rotating assemblies.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit/debit cards by phone. We also accept PayPal payments to: (call or write for total price with shipping)

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