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Author Topic: Magna FAQ - Part 1

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Magna FAQ - Part 1
OP: February 18, 2008, 06:34:44 PM
This a compilation of information pulled from experienced riders, such as yourself, from this forum. In no way is the owner of the forum responsible for what you do to customize your bike.

With that out of the way come on in, relax, stay a while, join the group who compiled this and we will have a cup of coffee waiting for you at our next meet or wrench session. 

Top-popular Mods & Accs.

 1. Seat- comfort & looks
 2. Windshield- in town and below 60mph you may not want one.

 3. Risers- Pulls the handle bars back for a more relaxed position

 4. Saddlebags- for your junk in the trunk. (Leatherlykes- also works as a cooler for your favorite

 5. Pipes- but of course! For the sound your craving (isn't that why your doing it).

 6. Progressive Springs- reduce nose dive.

 7. Dave Dodge shim kit- eliminates the midrange lull and performs better when you install pipes and K & N air filter

With the above mods you will have a Sweet all around bike whether for touring, daily rider, or weekend jolts! Now go out and ride!

Alternator Output

1.   .374 KW = 374 Watts = 31.16 amps


 a. Stock (yeah, we know) are bad.  LOL

 b. EBC-Kevlar

 c. EBC- Double H sintered- grippier but supposely wear your rotor down faster. How much faster, don't know.  Is the trade-off worth it, IMO Yes, unless someone has a different opinion.

 d. Other brands

Brake Stay Rod


 Allows for a fatter rear tire! Yeah baby!

Use with any stock tire (for looks only) or any oversize tire up to and including the Metzeler 170/80-15, which is the largest tire that will fit on the stock rim.


Carb Tool

 http://motionpro.com/motorcycle/partno/08-0242 - Fits 1/4" socket

 http://motionpro.com/motorcycle/tools/view/90_degree_1_4__hex_driver/ - Driver for the bit above.

 Mac Tool
  Greg's comment - best is the bit (Mac Tools) that fits the 90° carb tool with out the tool.

 Dave Dodge - D Shape tool. Inexpensive, FYI - comes with jet kit

Car Tires

155 / 80 / 15

BF Goodrich T/A Radial  $ 89.00 Delivered

155/80 R15

RWL = Raised White Letters

Speed rating – S (112)

Treadwear   400 / Traction  A / Temperature  B

Vredestein Sprint Classic (Holland)  $ 95.00 Delivered

155 / 80 / 15

Speed Rating S (112)

Treadwear 160 / Traction  A / Temperature  B

165 / 80 / 15

Nexen SB802 (South Korea)  $65.00 Delivered

165/80 R15

Speed Rating T (118)

Treadwear  320 / Traction  A / Temperture   B

Nankang CX668 (Taiwan)  $66.00 Delivered

165/80 R15

Speed Rating T (118)

Treadwear  400 / Traction A / Temperature B

Kumho Power Star 758
(Korea)  $77.00 Delivered

165/80 R15

Speed Rating T (118)

Treadwear    400 / Traction   A / Temperature   B

Federal SS-657 (Asia)  $65.00 Delivered
165/80 R15

Speed Rating T

Treadwear  420 / Traction  A / Temperature  A

Vredestein Sprint Classic (Holland)  $129.00 Delivered

165 / 80 / 15

Speed rating H

Treadwear  220 / Traction  A / Temperature  B







Twenty dollars is added to the above delivered prices.

FYI – In theory Treadwear is rated at how long a tire will wear compared to a tire with 100 treadwear rating. I don’t know if independent agencies test this and not read of any. Inform with facts and I will edit this.

Normally your All Season tires will give you the most mileage and has the higher Treadwear rating. Your High Performance sport tires will have a shorter mileage lifespan with a lower Treadwear rating. As for as I know this is subjective depending on the mfg. 

Speed rating – After much reading and some info from people who worked or are still working at a mfg. A tire has to withstand a certain speed for 10 minutes with a substantial amount of pressure applied. Tires are tested to a certain speed rating because that is what’s needed not necessarily that the tire could not handle more but for the cars this tire fits it needs to test out at XX speed, stop test, that’s all we need, all tires are not tested until they fail.

If I were to guess and from what little I have researched on the tires.

These are probably a mid-grade tire;





I would say this is an “above mid grade” tire;

BF Goodrich


These I have no info other than what others has said who have used these tires in their country and a couple of other testimonies I have read but failed to save.

Below are unedited quotes from All who responded. Based on this I would say in general some of Vredestien tires are a notch above BF Goodrich. This tire in particular, I don't know. 


My Question;

Looking for various sizes of tires I ran across this brand the other day (Vredestein), wondering if anyone has heard of this brand of tire made in Holland. Are they any good, as in low line, mid, or considered one of the better tires?


In the late 80s early 90s I raced cars on ice I used these tires, awesome traction great tire I liked them. Jimmy

I had them on my Saab back in the 90's in England and they were great. If you can find them in the US, get a set.

Their product line includes bicycle tires, which are considered to be in the "one of the better" category.

Don’t take any grading personally, we are talking tires!

Chain Guard


 Styling! Bling Bling



 a. Reduced clearance - no

 b. Added extra weight- minimal 6 lbs, weight is down low.

 c. Ease of use- Somewhat difficult but worth it.

 d. Benefits- Oiling chain, servicing rear wheel, storing in less space in garage.
 e. http://www.cycle-istic.com/

Chains and Sprockets

 Chain size - 530
 Length ---- 118 links (you can buy the 120 link and cut it down - take links out)

 Type- O-Ring is stock design
           X Ring is the new design- suppose to contain oil longer w/less maintenance (marketing?-maybe,               maybe not)


 a. DID

 b. RK 

 c. EK

 d. a & b are the most widely used/popular


 Barnett - Aftermarket, Kevlar plates. Springs are 12-15 % stronger than stock.

Cross Reference Charts

  a. Air Filters - Link?

  b. Coolant Hoses - Link?

  c. Oil Filters Cross Reference - http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/FilterXRef.html

  d. Radiator, Thermostat & Fanstat Switch - Below

Radiator, Thermostat & Fanstat Switch reference were in my notes, I do not know if this pertains to the 94-03 Magna or an earlier one. You will have to use a dose of common sense and compare for yourself. If this does not work with the 94-03 Magna, let me know and changes will be made, otherwise, Good Luck!

    a. Radiator Cap

PSI Range 10.7-14.9 psi

Stant # 11227
Cooling Systems Technologies cap # 7513

   b. Thermostat
Stant brand numbers
160 degree
BT 336 160

170 degree

180 degree
BT 336 180

Just make sure the new thermostat has a bleed hole in it like the factory one. The bleed hole allows some coolant to pass thru the thermostat and circulate the same as a bypass hose on a standard engine.
Advice from Dave Dodge ?The lowest thermostat temp to ever use in a V4 is 180 (stock is 185-190). Using a colder thermostat does not allow the engine to maintain enough heat to burn efficiently, and will lead to excess carbon build-up. Many might try using a cooler thermostat to try and keep an overheating bike cooler, and this does not work because the radiator does not have enough time to cool in the radiator. On the same note, if the radiator needs cleaning there is no cooling efficiency.?

Gas Auto Vacuum Fuel Shut-Off Valve Rebuild Kit

PN: 16953-MN5-023 - comes with diaphragm, spring and cover.

Fanstat Switch

Auto Tune PT2628
ACDelco E-1858
Beck/Arnley WorldParts 201-0817
BWD (Borg-Warner) TFS500
Echlin (NAPA) FS-130
Facet FS8404
Filko TFS-1
Four Seasons 35934
G.P. (Sorenson) 40-5001
Kem TW-65
Mitech TS-84
Motorcraft no interchange
Niehoff WA-639B
Standard TS-84
Wells SW-504

Asking for a thermo fan switch to fit a 1983 Honda Accord at your local auto parts store should net you one of the above numbers.
This switch fits many Honda car applications, 1975-1991 Honda Civic All 3 door (hatchback) and CRX models also 1986-1991 Acura Integra, all engine sizes

Dave Dodge Contact Info

Jet Kit with Shims or Shims among other hard items

928 387-1206

Forward Controls

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Re: Magna FAQ
#1: May 18, 2009, 12:39:18 PM

Terry, I cannot get the service manual you have posted in this faq to come up when I click on it.  However, I can this one.   Didn't know if anyone else is having this problem.
Let me know if you want me to delete this post and I will.
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Re: Magna FAQ - Part 1
#2: July 11, 2014, 09:25:41 PM
Terry, looking in my service manual for radiator related specs-
Thermostat open at 180F, full open at 203F, valve lift .315"minimum

Also Radiator cap is 15.64 PSI... aka 1.1 kg/cubic centimeter... aka 1.1 Atmoshpere-the discerning eye will note the top of the OEM radiator cap is stamped 1.1 as are at least some replacement radiator caps.

Thanks again for this information and your assistance!!

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