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Author Topic: Donations are gratefully accepted!

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Donations are gratefully accepted!
OP: January 08, 2011, 04:12:57 PM
Magna Owners of Texas is a member run and supported organization.

Its members come from all walks of life with a plethora of interests and hobbies.  They all share at least one thing in common however and that is a love for and a passion for riding the various incarnations of the Honda Magna.

Some members have gone on to ride other machines.  The Honda Valkyrie comes to mind.  Even those that are not still Magnasized stick around MOOT because we are a big extended family by now.  We are friends and consider ourselves part of the family.

There is a universe of knowledge shared amongst our members and we use the MOOT web site and Forum to share it with others.

However, hosting the web site and the MOOT name, maintenance and upkeep of the forum and web site all cost money.  Our annual MOOT MaG gathering, while very well supported by registration fees and donations of goods and services still cost more than we bring in.  Our fearless chief cook and bottle washer, Greg Cothern, bears the brunt of the costs associated with this monetary overage.

Please consider clicking on the donate button located here as well as on many of the pages of the website to help defray the costs of keeping us online.  

Make a donation as big or as little as you are able.  Every little bit helps.

Thank You!
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