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Author Topic: 3rd Gen Info, Manuals, Tips/tricks, pics, docs, how-to's, misc

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3rd Gen Magna stuff at this site. I've been adding to this all night, lol. Any and all 3rd gen magna stuff can be found here. Let me know if you have something you want me to put on the site that is not on here, or tips/suggestions. Click the link and choose a folder. There is a limit of 25 meg downloads and 25 files/day download limit. If you can't get what you need today, try again tomorrow. :)


(more Info, also posted on the file site)

I can host all file types here: https://secure.filesanywhere.com/Dropbox/db.aspx?v=896b68895d6572bc9c6a
they will be uploaded to site above and I will sort them out as soon as I see them in the upload folder.

here are some jet part numbers & sizes:
105 Main  (same main jet as Dave Dodge uses)
108 Main (#108)
110 Main:
112 Main:
115 Main:
42 Slow Jet:
45 Slow Jet:
If there is any discrepancy, these part numbers were good when I ordered my jets, they may have changed or have been superceeded by newer numbers.  If you order one of these numbers, don't freak out if it has a different part number on it, just make sure the jets are labeled. a 108 jet will have 108 on it, etc. These are all Kehin jets, no aftermarket jets.
I bought these from www.discounthondaparts.com

Kehin Jet list for bikes (kehin part #'s, not Honda part #'s as above): http://www.keihin-us.com/am/_media/pdf/jetlist.pdf

VP31A - 49 State carb. #
VP30A - California carb #

Kehin Downdraft CV (Constant Velocity) type, with flat valve

Great CV Carb tuning procedure:  http://www.factorypro.com/tech_tuning_procedures/tuning_carbtune,CV,high_rpm_engines.html

Fuel Stuff:

Replacement Vacuum Fuel Shutoff Diaphram:  16953-MN5-023

Other helpful Forums & Places

V4 Musclebike

Magna Riders Forum
Magna United Friends Forum (MUFF)
V4 honda bbs:

Cool Sites for Parts / Misc:

Centerstand for 3rd Gen, Heavy duty luggage rack, Handlebar Risers, Peg Extenders and more : http://www.cycle-istic.com/

External fuel tanks: http://www.tourtank.com/index.html

Tons of Magna Pics:  http://s27.photobucket.com/albums/c162/bluedeval03/Magnas%2094-03/?

VTX Headlight parts:  http://www.belome.com/magna/vtxhead/


V4 Market


Upgraded Shift star / Detent arm and roller bearing/spring. makes for quicker shifting, easier to get in gear, no false neutrals (had it on my bike) : http://www.factorypro.com/

Chrome ignition cover: part # is 35110-MR1-000  (honda part #)

(just a start, more to follow)
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Chad this is awesome man, very well thought out and organized...THANKS
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Excellent thank you.
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glad to see it's getting used :) we have a bunch of good forums with lots of info. i'm sure there's lots more we could add for quick searches of common problems, faq stuff, etc.
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