Magna Owners Of Texas Meet and Greet Spring Ride
(MOOTMAG #1) held June 13, 14 & 15, 2003.

MOOTMAG #1 could be called a "bitter sweet" event. There were some ups and some downs. But all-in-all, everyone that attended had a good time and we got to know each other, some for the first time.

It all began on a windy, rainy Friday as everyone was making their way to Crockett from various parts of Texas and Louisiana. There were a few that started on their trek to Crockett and were forced to turn back due to rain. There were also others that made it to Crockett, but were forced to return home Saturday.

MOOTMAG officially began at about 6:00pm on Friday at the Brass Lantern restaurant on the Loop in Crockett. In attendance were Greg Cothern, Kristi and family, Robert Hilliard, Larry Stivers, Colburn Dick, Bob Barram and Mike Kontos. A good meal was had by all, but when we finished to go outside and sniff bikes, water was coming down in buckets and forced us all to put on our rain suits and head for our abodes for the night.

The next day, 8 of us met at 7:30am to ride the Northern Ride, lead by Don Pledger who resides in Rusk and knows the area very well. In attendance for the Northern ride was Don Pledger, Greg Cothern, Robert Hilliard, Jeff Atkins, Mike Kontos, Tom Duffy, Colburn Dick and Bob Barram. The weather was beautiful. We experienced clear skies and somewhat mild temperatures. As the day went on it got progressively warmer, but none of us complained. We just wanted it to stop raining and that it did. The Northern Ride took us on a figure eight pattern from Crockett, to Alto then Rusk then through the southern tip of Jacksonville. In coming back we went back through Rusk and Alto.

Also on our ride that morning, we stopped at the home of Jeff Atkins' in-laws who live between Rusk and Alto. Jeff's father-in-law (who used to ride himself) wanted to take a look at the bikes. They had drinks ready and available when we arrived and the scenery was very nice of the East Texas countryside. We arrived back in Crockett about 12:15pm to eat at the Texas Burger, located on the loop. That was where we were joined by more Magna riders such as Kirk Allen and His wife TJ, Ruben Camarillo and Jeff Adams. We sniffed bikes, took some groups pictures and took out for our afternoon Southern Ride.

There were 10 of us that left to ride the Southern route from Crockett which took us through the Davy Crockett National Forest and then across Lake Livingston and back to Crockett. In attendance was Greg Cothern, Robert Hilliard, Jeff Atkins, Mike Kontos, Tom Duffy, Colburn Dick, Bob Barram, Kirk Allen and TJ, Ruben Camarillo and Jeff Adams. During the ride outside of Groveton, Colburn Dick experienced a mishap with his new 2003 Magna. It appears that he slid off the edge of the road, lost control and took a spill. Damage to Colburn was very light (which we are very thankful for), but his blue Magna suffered a good bit of damage. After determining that Colburn was OK physically, we limped into Trinity, Texas. Colburn's bike started leaking oil while we were stopped to get gas so we left Colburns bike at a convenience store to be picked up and trailered back to Crockett. Colburn rode pillion with Robert back to Crockett.

We all made it back to Crockett about 4:30pm. Then at 6:00pm, many of us met at the Crockett Family Resort Cafe for dinner and awards ceremony. After dinner, various ones received a certificate from MOOT for various accomplishments. Colburn Dick was voted as the oldest guy at MOOTMAG. Greg Cothern was voted the youngest. Kirk Allen was voted to have the best looking vintage Magna. Greg Cothern won a certificate for the best looking Super Magna and Mike Kontos won a certificate for the best looking 3rd Generation Magna. Greg Cothern's Super Magna won in the best overall Magna category.

Sunday began with rain. At about 5:00am, thunderstorms started moving in and for those camping, it was an early wake up call to pack up your things before they got wet. Everyone left at their own pace on Sunday and got home safely.

In conclusion, our thoughts go out to Jimmy Glover, who in his quest to make it to MOOTMAG Friday, lost control of his bike and suffered a knee injury. Jimmy also sustained quite a bit of damage to his Magna. Colburn Dick did make it back to Abilene after having to rent a U-Haul truck. Damage to Colburn's bike was assessed at $4,600.00. Our thanks also go out to Don Pledger, who helped us in leading the Northern ride Saturday morning and Kirk Allen and TJ for providing a nice cookout for many of us on Saturday night. Also, thanks to those that provided us with their pictures of MOOTMAG...Mike Kontos, Don Pledger and Robert Hilliard.

Pictures from MOOTMAG #1:














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