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Dave Dodge

Product & Contact Information


Dodge Racing Products
attn: Dave Dodge
Fort Mohave, AZ  86426
Tel:  (928) 387-1206

Business Hours: We are available to take your orders and answer your questions Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm p.s.t.

We Accept Credit Card Orders By Phone, and accept PayPal using above e-mail

1994 to 2003 Honda Magna


Carb Needle Shim Kit $ 7.95

- for stock bikes with midrange flat-spot, corrects the fuel mixture.


Carb Shim/Jet Kit $ 39.00

- for bikes with aftermarket or modified stock mufflers, boosts power from 74 horsepower stock to near 82 at the rear wheel with Cobra, Jardine or Vance and Hines mufflers.

K&N Performance Air Filter $ 58.00

- Improved breathing and filter life

Dyna 3000 Adjustable Ignition N/A (this product has been discontinued by Dyna)

- Allows tuning for all motor combinations.

Braided S.S. Front Brake Hose $ 59.00 (clear-coated hose)

- custom lengths and colors available by special order for $65.00.

Braided S.S. Clutch Cable $ 59.00

- clear-coated in standard length, custom lengths available for $79.00

Braided S.S. Throttle Cable A $ 49.00

Braided S.S. Throttle Cable B $ 49.00

- clear-coated in standard length, custom lengths available for $59.00 each.

15T Countershaft Sprocket $ 39.00

- lowers gear ratio for better acceleration, and around town riding


17T Countershaft Sprocket $ 39.00

- raises gear ratio suited for open highway and touring, plus better MPG

DRP Kevlar Performance Clutch Kit $189.00

- complete plate and spring kit for performance street riding and/or drag racing.


Progressive Front Fork Springs $ 85.00

- Fully extends fork tubes for more stable handling.

Progressive Front Fork Lowering Kit $ 119.00

- Lowers front forks 1" or 2"

Progressive #412 Rear Shocks $295.00

- Improved dampening and spring rate for better handling.

- Available in standard or heavy-duty spring rates.

- Available in different lengths from 11.5" to stock 12.5"

Steering Stem Tapered Roller Bearing Set $ 39.00

- Includes upper and lower bearings

- Includes lower grease seal


DRP Stage 1 Camshaft Set $650.00 exchange

- Drop-in cam for use with stock pistons.

- Adds 8 horsepower

DRP 770cc Forged 12:1 C.R. Piston Kit $650.00

- 71mm Bore (stock is 70mm), requires top case bore and hone.

- Includes pistons, rings, pins, clips

- Uses stock head gaskets

DRP Racing Valve Spring Set $199.00

- Required for Stage 2 and higher lift cams

- Includes 16 dual (inner/outer) springs, bottom spring seats

- Uses stock retainers

DRP Titanium Valve Spring Retainer Set $219.00

- For racing use with big cams

- Fits our racing valve springs

DRP Bronze Valve Guide Set $148.00

- Required for Stage 2 and higher lift cams

- Made of nickle bronze

- Shorter than stock to install shorter on the spring side.

Internal engine components have been developed including bigger cams, pistons, port work, etc. The specs for a Stage 2 engine require a more comprehensive rebuild, and are priced as a package. We also offer complete machine shop services including bore and honing, head porting, transmission undercutting, and complete engine building.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit/debit card orders by phone. We also accept PayPal payments to: (call or write for total amount with shipping)

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