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Join The MOOT Email Listserv

This mailing list is an "electronic" meeting place for members of MOOT. It's self moderated and pretty much any topic comes up from time to time. All anyone needs to join is an established email address. There is no charge for this list. Greg Cothern is the Listserv Administrator. He expects everyone that participates in the list to respect all email etiquette and to be considerate of others on the list. No flaming is allowed on the MOOT listserv.

It's easy to subscribe. Here's how:
Fill out the listserve subscription form here.

After being approved, you will then begin receiving emails from

To unsubscribe, follow the directions on the same form:

Near the bottom of the form you will see the unsubscribe instructions.

Posting to the list:

To send a message to the list, simply send an e-mail as normal to the address

By the case you were wondering what certain abbreviations were in our list emails, here is a list of acronyms and their descriptions.

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